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This is a page that delivers various news happening inside and outside the company and shares the growth of KS Chemical. :-)

China Coat 2023

2023/November/ 15 ~ 17

KS Chemical participated in China Coat, the world's largest coating show held in Shanghai. Through this coating show, we were able to meet with business partners from around the world and discuss future strategic directions. Also, customers gave a lot of interest in our products. We look forward to meaningful results with new buyers. As it was the first event held since the COVID19 pandemic, it was an opportunity to promote KS Chemicals with excitement and gratefulness.


Eunjung Yoo, CEO, Green Umbrella Green Leader No. 14 - Gyeongsang Daily

2023/ Aug/ 09

Green Umbrella Children's Foundation Ulsan Regional Headquarters (Director Kim Dong-hwan) held the 14th Green Leader Club appointment ceremony for KS Chemical Co., Ltd. sponsor Eun-Jung Yoo on the 9th.

The Green Leader Club is a medium-to-high-amount supporter network of the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation, and is a representative group of medium-to-high-amount supporters that donate more than 100,000 won per month to help local children. Reporter Jeong Hye-yoon

Source: Gyeongsang Ilbo (


​Selected as an excellent case company in the regional specialized industry fostering project

2023/ Mar/ 30

Ulsan, the hub of the manufacturing industry with various industrial complexes. KS Chemical, which specializes in additives for paints and coatings, is actively participating in the global market with domestic technology by collaborating with various industries in relation to eco-friendly synthetic resins and additives. ​Especially, we are introduced in the best practice booklet for making good use of the fostering business of regionally specialized industries.


2022​The 59th Trade Day [3 Million Dollar Export Tower] Award

2022/ Dec/ 15

KS Chemicals participated in the 59th Trade Day ceremony held by Ulsan City and the Korea International Trade Association and awarded the '3 Million Dollar Export Tower'. This award is given to companies that have achieved export performance of more than $ 3 million per year by constantly pioneering overseas markets despite difficult economic environments. We give this honor to the sales team who led us to great results and to all the members of KS Chemical who did their best in their respective positions! We will continue to work even harder to achieve steady growth, community development, and job creation.


2022 ​Autumn hiking

2022/ Oct/ 22

In the meantime, due to COVID-19, we have not been able to get time together between our employees often. However, last weekend, KS family gathered in one place and had a fun time hiking and having an athletics competition. Nothing was better when everyone became one under the clear autumn sky and shared good food. We will always do our best to create a healthy and warm company culture by caring for and harmonizing each other. To all KS employees, we can do it!


2021~2022 ​Ulsan Star Company representative meeting

2022/ Oct/ 13

​ Personnel from Ulsan area corporate support organizations and representatives of Star Companies shared information on support programs for each corporate support organization and had a time of communication to activate program utilization and participation. We, KS Chemical, also discussed to find ways to develop further business steps even in the difficult business environment of the world. Now that we are entering a phase of economic recession due to a sharp rise in interest rates around the world, I hope that all corporates and workers will do their best!


​COATINGS EXPO VIETNAM 2022 (2022.08.03~05)

2022/ Aug/ 11

Coating Expo was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for three days from August 3 to 5. Minh Thanh, our Vietnamese agent, participated in this event and had an opportunity to introduce KS Chemical's products. It was a time to promote the excellence of our products to various buyers from around the world and thank them for their interest :-)

KakaoTalk_Photo_2022-08-16-15-51-21 002.jpeg

​KS Chemical - Ulsan Technical High School Job Fair

2022/ June/ 3

KS Chemical also participated in the job fair held at Ulsan Technical High School to discover good talent. I would like to thank the many students who applied for the interview with enthusiasm and curiosity, and it was a meaningful opportunity to meet talented people. If you have any questions about the special military service that you are most interested in, please contact us directly and we will kindly explain.


​KS Chemical - Website renewal launch!

2022/ May/ 23

​ It has been renewed with a design that contains more substantial content and considers the accessibility of various devices. Please visit our website a lot!


​Ulsan Technical High School students' corporate tour

2022/ May/ 18

Today, students from Ulsan Technical High School came to visit KS Chemical. The wonderful students who will be the protagonists in the development of the future chemical company were given the opportunity to introduce the company and tour the factory. It was a meaningful time to imagine dreams and hopes with young talented people. For your reference, we have special military service benefits for those who are expected to graduate from the Department of Chemical Engineering, so please pay a lot of attention!^^


Project agreement ceremony with Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

2022/ April/ 21

Since its foundation, KS Chemical has been continuously conducting research projects. This year, we had the opportunity to undertake a new task in collaboration with the city of Ulsan and the Korea Chemical Research Institute. We are very excited to develop another innovative product!


Received management innovation confirmation (Main-Biz)

2022/ February/ 20

Main Biz is a compound word of Management + Innovation + Business, and is a designation certified as a management innovation SME by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. KS Chemical was recognized as a company with a new growth engine through management innovation activities, and by obtaining this certificate, it has been given various opportunities to be nurtured as an excellent company. We promise that we will grow further through management innovation by receiving connected support for technology, funds, and sales channels.


​Attending Ulsan Star Enterprise signboard ceremony - @Ulsan Technopark

2022/ January/ 04

At Ulsan Techno Park, there was a signboard ceremony to create the Hall of Fame by collecting the logos of 60 star companies from the past. Ulsan Mayor Song Cheol-ho delivered a congratulatory message, and it was a celebration to commemorate the achievements of the Ulsan Star Enterprises together with the representatives of each Star Enterprise and to raise the honor and pride. KS Chemical has proudly engraved its logo on the panel in 2021!

Article link:  Ulsan Star Enterprises Hall of Fame Signboard Ceremony < Business/Trade < Economy < Article - Gyeongsang Ilbo (


'Closing Ceremony' at the end of 2021 

2021/ December/ 30

​ In 2021, Even though there were difficulties for many companies due to Corona 19, thanks to all of our KS employees, we were able to overcome this difficulty safely. In particular, 2021 was a meaningful year, paving the way for a new leap forward with significant growth in export sales. We will continue to grow as an innovative company in the new year. Thank you very much for all our KS family, and I wish you all the best in the new year of 2022, and also your family for peace and health! ^^


KS Chemical Selected as 'Ulsan Star Enterprises' - Gyeongsang Ilbo

2021/ June/ 23

Ulsan City held the '2021 Ulsan Star Enterprise Selection Award Ceremony' in connection with the 'Cheer Up Ulsan Industrial Re-Leap Project' on the 23rd at the Ulsan Science and Technology Promotion Center.

Ulsan Star Enterprises for 2021 were selected through in-depth evaluation targeting small and medium-sized enterprises with headquarters or main business locations in Ulsan and average sales of 5 billion won to 40 billion won over the past three years.

The selected companies were △Woochang E&C, △Dail Industrial, △Yoosung Engineering, △Roll ENG, △Dongil Metal , △KS Chemicals, △Autorex , △Dorim Industrial. ) △ Usys Co., Ltd. △ Deokcheon Co., Ltd. △ Daemyung Elevator Co., Ltd. △ APP Tech Co., Ltd. △ Godo Chemical Co., Ltd. △ Korea Forging Co., Ltd. △ Wintech Co., Ltd. A total of 15 companies.

If selected as a star company in Ulsan, △Support for establishment of a growth strategy roadmap △Support for commercialization R&D project planning △Support for various commercialization such as technology transfer, domestic and foreign certification, domestic and foreign marketing, training to strengthen technical manpower capacity, and support for prototype production △SGI (SGI) ) You can receive benefits such as business fund guarantee support from Seoul Guarantee.

As a result of analyzing the major performance of the 46 companies selected through the business over the past three years, Ulsan City showed that sales grew by an average of 6.6%, employment increased by an average of 6.5%, and patents increased by 26.5% after designation as a star company. In particular, in the midst of the local automobile and shipbuilding industry crisis and the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) pandemic, star companies are achieving a 6.4%p higher sales growth rate than general companies. Reporter Lee Chun-bong

Source: Gyeongsang Ilbo (

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