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Specialty Chemicals for Tomorrow!

Specialized innovative additives for paints and coatings to meet the diverse needs of customers

Our Products

KS Chemical is constantly innovating in line with the changing trends in the paint market, and providing high-quality paint additives and synthetic resins suitable for customer needs. In addition, we research, develop, produce and supply eco-friendly additives recognized in the global market. Check out our wide range of products such as leveling agents, defoamers, and dispersants.

Additives for Liquid Coatings
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  • ​Leveling Agent

  • Wetting & Dispersing Agent

  • Releasing Agent for Plastic

  • Defoamer

  • Acid Catalyst

  • Rheology Modifier

  • Adhesion Promoter

  • Additive to Increase the Conductivity

  • Plasticizer for ED Coatings

  • Anti-crater & Dispersing Agent for ED Coatings

Additives for Powder Coatings
  • Leveling agent with Silica
    (Rheoflow PLP series)

  • ​ Leveling agent for masterbatch
    (Rheoflow LP series)

​Synthetic Resin/Polymer
  • One-component urethane curing agent (Hiblock BI series)

Product Catalog

Download our product catalog. If you have any questions or sample inquiries, please feel free to contact us. 

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Recommended Product

Water-based wetting & dispersing agent Rheoflow DW-104

​Excellent dispersion effect & suppression of foaming

As a neutral wetting and dispersing agent applied to water-soluble paints and inks, Rheoflow DW-104 exhibits excellent wetting and dispersing properties without generating bubbles when manufacturing and using coatings. It is recommended for automotive electrodeposition paint, water-soluble automotive paint, and water-soluble printing ink.

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Fluorine-modified silicone defoamer 

Rheoflow AF-660

Fabulous defoaming effect & perfect appearance

Rheoflow AF-660 is a silicone-based anti-foaming agent with excellent anti-foaming properties, perfect appearance and excellent repainting properties.

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Powder coating leveling agent 

Rheoflow PLP-100

Optimal for improving surface smoothness

As a leveling agent in the form of white powder applied to various powder coatings, Rheoflow PLP-100H improves the surface smoothness of powder coatings and shows excellent performance in solving various defects occurring in paint films.

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Worldwide Supply

KS Chemical is supplying high-quality products to more than 20 countries around the world, including the America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, in cooperation with agencies in each country.

Company News

Selected as an excellent case company for the regional specialized industry fostering project

It was introduced that KS Chemical, which specializes in paints and additives for coatings in Ulsan, a manufacturing hub with various industrial complexes, is collaborating with various industries in relation to eco-friendly synthetic resins and additives, and is making a big splash in the global market with domestic technology.

Company News

Awarded '3 Million Dollar Export Tower' at the 2022 Trade Day Ceremony

KS Chemical was recognized for its export growth potential by attending the 59th Trade Day ceremony held by Ulsan City and the Korea International Trade Association. Despite the difficult economic environment, we have been awarded the '3 Million Dollar Export Tower' by constantly pioneering overseas markets. We will work harder with the goal of exporting 5 million dollars, and strive to develop local communities and create jobs.

Company News

Selected as Ulsan Star Enterprise in 2021 in recognition of its growth potential!

KS Chemical was selected as Ulsan Star Company in 2021. The Star Enterprise Promotion Project is to provide comprehensive intellectual property-related support for three years with the support of Ulsan City and the Korean Intellectual Property Office to grow export SMEs into global small and medium-sized enterprises based on intellectual property. We will continue to grow and contribute to society and regional development.

Company News

​Gives hope to local children

On August 9, 2023, KS Chemical was appointed to the Green Leader Club to regularly support local children with the ‘Green Umbrella I Leader’, a project to foster talented children from the underprivileged in Ulsan. We hope our little help can bring change to the children, and we will support actively as a member of the Green Leaders Club so that all children can run towards their dreams.


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